Giving Size of Wales a new look.

Size of Wales are a fantastic charity based here in Cardiff, who promote activities to reduce climate change through their work. We inherited their website from a previous developer and we’ve been maintaining the site ever since.

Their website was written by a number of developers with a combinations of plugins and different structures – so when we were faced with yet another broken plugin issue we made the decision that it would be more effective to start again and create a more stable website, less reliant on third party plugins, and a solid ground from which we can grow. The team at Size of Wales felt the same, and we agreed that we’d take the opportunity to spruce up the design and bring the whole look and feel of the site up to date.

Because the site was built in WordPress it was really simple for us to create a new theme to bring the content to life, along with a re-written Projects section we were able to deliver a new theme that is modern and expandable. Size of Wales have a great amount of stunning images that tell the story of all the great work they do and to us it’s really important those pictures are allowed to shine. Unfortunately big images create long load times which frustrates users and affects the SEO optimisation and Google search ranking. Amazon’s S3 with CloudFront distribution was key to improving the page load time and giving Size of Wales a better user experience and the chance to show off the inspiring imagery.

Another area we were keen to improve were the administration screens, the side of the website that the team at Size of Wales use to manage the content on the website. The administration screens are now organised in a fashion that allows far easier editing by the Size of Wales team leaving them more time to do the important things (like saving the world). See more information about the site here.


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