One Year Later – We Have A New Website

“Hang on, you’re a web agency and you don’t have a website?”

The amount of times we’ve been asked this over the last year is crazy – and it’s really quite surprising that we’ve not gotten around to it sooner, but we’ve just been too busy (plus we’re borderline perfectionists, which hasn’t helped).

When Glue Digital Studio was first formed two years ago, I created a very simple one pager that showed off a couple of projects that we’d worked on.  That was all good and well and then come Spring last year there were just too many projects to fit on one page – so I pulled it down with the intention of getting a new site up and running before the start of Summer.  In my mind having nothing up was better than having something which didn’t accurately reflect the brand and so the placeholder page that’s been in this position was created and thrown up one afternoon.

Turns out building your own website is really quite tricky when you have some really awesome client projects going on.  Finding the time and energy to design and build a site that accurately reflects what your own company does, when there are so many more interesting client projects going on around you is just a headache.

Every time we’d start to build one, it would get so far and then we’d shelve it to work on other projects.  Then by the time we’d get back to it, we weren’t happy with the look of it or we’d have come up with a better idea.

We finally settled on the monochrome style that you now see and we’re actually pretty happy with it.

The broken grid elements give a sense of life, creativity and energy to the layout, while the use of the very classic Futura font makes the site relatable, friendly and established.   I’m not a massive fan of big transitions and swooping effects, but we worked to have a very subtle rise of the content from below the fold up to meet you, which I think looks fantastic at grabbing your attention as you come down the page.

I could go into much more detail about some of the other design choices we made on the site, but your eyes might glaze over if I do too much more.  So, if you wanted to have a chat about how we could help you with a new website for your brand, get in touch using the contact details below.  Also, feel free to take a look around and let us know your thoughts (good or bad!)

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