Why buy a MacBook Pro 13″ with Touchbar

I picked up a 2017 MacBook Pro 13″ with Touch Bar in October 2017. And literally just that. Walked to the Apple Store from our office in Cardiff and half an hour later walked out with a shiny new MacBook Pro.

If you don’t know me already, I’m Glue Studio’s Technical Director – being a small firm that’s not as big of a title as it sounds, but basically I have oversight on the technicalities of operating our business, and with the development on projects. Check out our about page to find out who’s who in Glue. I came here from a background in software development, but from a place with everything provided so day one meant I needed a new computer.

If I’m honest, I hate visiting an Apple Store. Mostly I’d rather spend the day waiting for the thing to be delivered than make the trip in to the store to actually buy a product. Apple Stores get rave reviews about their service, and whilst I’m not saying I’ve ever had a bad experience, there’s something about an Apple Store that to me seems chaotic. It’s intimidating for anyone who hasn’t necessarily visited the store before, and even more intimidating when you’re about to drop £2000 on something and you’re having the conversation leaning against a desk as kids squeeze by to get grubby finger prints on the display models. No matter the discount, I’d never by an ex-display from an Apple Store.

We poked around at the MacBook table, which was pleasantly less busy than the iPhone table, inspecting the different offerings and came to the following conclusions in our few minutes of conversation before summoning someone to interact in an unnecessarily casual manner.

  • MacBook Pro with just two USB-C ports is a silly idea.
  • 15″ is too big to fit in my bag.

So that’s why I have a MacBook Pro 13″ with Touchbar – nothing else needs be said.

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